Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vanessa Paradis’s Costumes in Heartbreaker

Not long ago, I typed “Hermès Red Kelly” into a Google search, as one does from time to time (if you are me), and came across pictures featuring Vanessa Paradis—Johnny Depp’s former partner and mother of his two children—and Romain Duris, who played Yves in the film Le Divorce (which also features a red Kelly, are you noticing a pattern here?). They starred together in a movie from 2010 called Heartbreaker, which I had never even heard of before, and it could not have been more perfect for me to see right about now! It was honestly like a little vacation since it is set in Monaco, which I have had on my mind for a year now, after hearing that my grandparents went there in the mid-1970s as part of a tour of France and Italy and won big at the Casino de Monte-Carlo!

I loved this street shot, as well as the yellow dress on Vanessa.

Heartbreaker (in French, L’arnacoeur) is a very fun and escapist film and perfect for summer viewing. Romain Duris plays a man named Alex who breaks up couples for a living, with the help of his sister and brother-in-law. The team have 10 days to break up the wedding of Juliette (Vanessa Paradis) and Jonathan (played by Andrew Lincoln, you will recognize him). I especially loved the antics between Romain Duris and Julie Ferrier, who played his sister, Mélanie, and the hilarious François Damiens, who plays his brother-in-law, Marc. The three of them had great chemistry together and gave the film a lot of its zip and energy. What I also loved, beyond the scenes on the streets in glamorous Monaco (J’adore!), were the costumes!

Detail of the dress bodice and I concur with Romain’s sentiments about the bag!

In a Chanel jacket, one that I adore!

The costume designer was Charlotte Betaillole and I think she did an amazing job striking the right balance between a wardrobe a rich girl would have—lots of Chanel, Céline, Hermès, and Lolita Lempicka here—but making it believable—the Kelly is not out-of-the-box new, it looks lived-in and slouchy, which is just perfection. What she also did well is really suit the coloring and fine-boned features of Vanessa Paradis, who is very striking and ethereal-looking, almost as if she is from another time. I had never seen her in a film before so this was a nice introduction to her work. Charlotte dressed Vanessa in interesting colors and with a mix of floaty and feminine blouses and dresses in some scenes, and more tailored and masculine looks in others.

In Chanel sunglasses and an Hermès scarf.

This blouse is quite flowy and draped. It goes so well with cropped pants!

I have a pet theory that costuming a modern film is the hardest work of all for a costume designer but Charlotte shows us that in the right hands it can be done and done well!

This was such a good evening gown for Vanessa, she looked so sophisticated and beautiful in it.

A great bodice on this gown!

I loved the back details of the gown too.

I’ve screencapped some of my favorite costumes in the movie, with other pictures coming from IMDB and a Vogue UK article I found on Vanessa’s film wardrobe. My favorite outfit of hers in the movie, hands down, is the cropped black pants, spectator pumps, jacket with draped sleeveless blouse underneath and the red Kelly. Such a great combination!

My favorite look on Vanessa.

Another shot of the Kelly.

Another perfect costume on Vanessa.

Such a lovely feminine sweater. And the dialogue makes me laugh!

Vanessa in a gorgeous Lolita Lempicka wedding gown, with, L to R, Romain Duris, Julie Ferrier, and François Damiens.

The wedding dress Vanessa wears in the film is lovely combination of romantic, antique-looking, and beachy, all at once. It makes perfect sense against the background of Monaco’s pale blue water and sky.

With Jacques Frantz as her father.

A side view of the dreamy wedding gown against a lovely view of the water!

I read somewhere that there is a plan to make a U.S. version of this movie. I told this to my husband, who watched it with me and actually enjoyed it, and we agreed—they will ruin it if they try to make an American version! Hey American film producers, leave this one alone!

If you need a trip to Monaco (don’t we all?), a few laughs, and great modern costumes, add Heartbreaker to your Netflix list!


GSL said...

Those are nice outfits except for the cropped black pants...I've yet to hear a woman say they would prefer having shorter legs yet still do this cropped nonsense.
My dear Jill, I'd have to live in a Kelly bag to justify the cost!

GSL said...

Those are nice outfits except for the cropped black pants...I've yet to hear a woman say they would prefer having shorter legs yet still do this cropped nonsense.
My dear Jill, I'd have to live in a Kelly bag to justify the cost!

Jill said...

Oh my dear GSL, you make me laugh as always but I so do not agree with you, Vanessa looks AMAZING in these cropped pants, especially with everything else going on in the outfit including the Kelly!

I say cropped pants and Kellys forever! Wheeeeee!!! xx

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

YES...I have Netflix...I will watch it soon...thanks Jill!

Jill said...

Let me know what you think, Pam. It pays hilarious homage to 'Dirty Dancing' as well as Wham! xx

rosie said...

Will watch HeartBreak this weekend on NetFlix. The only movie I saw Miss Paradis in was Woody Allen's "Fading Gigolo". She was really the best thing in the movie. She plays a widowed Hassidic mom who lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She looked beautiful even with very little makeup and extremely non-glam covered-up clothing. Apparently a totally different look than in HeartBreak.

Jill said...

Hi Rosie! Oh I know what movie you mean, it's in my queue for Netflix! I think I will watch that this weekend. Thank you for the reminder, I totally forgot Vanessa was in that. I hope you have a lovely 4th of July! xx

rosie said...

Have a great 4th also - looks like we'll have great weather for it. Will you get to see fireworks?

Jill said...

Hi again Rosie! I'm not sure I will be able to get to fireworks--the crowds make me nervous! I am so glad I go to sit right under them with my daughter when the NY Philharmonic came out to Prospect Park to play a concert last month. We had a front-row view and it more than made up for the fact that we may miss them on the 4th! xx

S. Thomas said...

Great shots and Vanessa looks beautiful here (casual shots of her she doesn't dress so nice). She's a fantastic singer. And as for Romain Duris...I like just about everything he's in. For great vintage costumes (and more Romain Duris) I highly recommend the film "Populaire" (I don't know the title in English).

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

I am excited to watch this. Right now I need an escape. I've never been to the South of France and it's on my list. Vanessa is a beautiful girl and I love a film with good wardrobe! Perfect for summer! Have you seen Gemma Bovary yet? Another French film I am looking forward to seeing. xo

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

I don't agree with GSL either. Love the cropped pants- they look so modern, but then we women really dress for ourselves I think. I'm not overly concerned how long my legs look, but I want to look modern and put together!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

This looks good!! I need to watch it!

Alice Warren said...

Monaco is such a beautiful city, I went there as a poor college student and gambled at the casino but didn't win big. I knew Johnny Depp was with someone for a very long time but never knew who it was.


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