Friday, May 29, 2015

Queen Letizia of Spain in a Spring Jacket

Queen Letizia of Spain. Photo: PPE/NewsPictures/

Queen Letizia of Spain, the gorgeous wife of equally good-looking King Felipe VI, looked so wonderful in this recent ensemble of a spring jacket by Mango (Can you believe it? And it cost just $109!), paired with trousers and high heels. I also love her new haircut. You know what a fan I am of the bob hairstyle so I think I have to admit Letizia to my Bob Hall of Fame!

Photo: Rex Shutterstock.

Let Letizia’s chic outfit be your friendly reminder that June’s “How I Wear My” is devoted to the spring jacket. Join us! Adrienne and I are accepting pictures until June 1, 2015. You can send them to us at


GSL said...

Love her in that Bob and loved your BOB HOF post...before my discovery of the EJS treasures. Is your Maya curator of the BOB HOF?

Jill said...

GSL, that is an excellent idea, Maya as the curator of the Bob Hall of Fame! Did I tell you that she told me the last time I saw her that she saw me crossing the street one day when she was driving, took one look at my hair and thought, "It's time." Oh God do I love Maya. She said she was too far away, otherwise she would've honked at me and told me this directly! Ha. xx