Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Leslie Mann in Sneakers (with a Kelly!)

Actress Leslie Mann in Converse sneakers and carrying a beautiful Kelly!

I never would’ve pegged comedienne Leslie Mann as an Hermès gal but I have to say I love this turquoise Kelly on her, especially worn with rolled-up jeans, Wayfarers, and Converse sneakers! Now that’s a way to make sure your hugely expensive Hermès bag doesn’t get too snooty!

I know Leslie is in the new film The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton. Have any of you seen it yet? I certainly hope you have seen the hilarious scene in Knocked Up when Leslie Mann’s character fights with a bouncer (Craig Robinson) for the right to enter a nightclub. I just watched it again last night and it is still so funny!

I am digging this ensemble on Leslie Mann.

Let Leslie’s Converse kicks serve as your friendly reminder that Adrienne of The Rich Life (on a budget) and I are accepting pictures of the way you style your sneakers for “How I Wear My: Sneakers” next week.

Send pictures to us at howiwearmy@yahoo.com no later than May 5, 2014.

These photos of Leslie are courtesy of Birkin Watcher, a fun site that features celebrities with their Hermès bags, identifying them by style, size, leather, color, and hardware. Wow! Somebody knows their Hermès stuff!


Adrienne Shubin said...

Love that mix of high-end and sporty casual.
Looking forward to May's HIWM! I'm in sneakers most days so this shouldn't be too hard for me!

Linda said...

Ohhh, I love sneakers!! So comfortable and now in so many colors and styles. My feet say thank you whenever I wear them! Hoping to see The Other Woman tonight, the trailers look hilarious! Love you, M.

Anonymous said...

This is the go to look for me! I love my converse!

Catherine Robinson said...

Love the bag...fabulous colour...she looks great!

Heather Lindstrom said...

I can't wait to see that movie Jill. It's sure to be hilarious. This is a great look for sure. I wasn't going to do the sneaker chic HIWM because I haven't been wearing sneakers. It's either heels for work or flats for hanging out but I ended up buying a pair and wearing them to work with a maxi today. Shocked a couple of co workers ;). I'm a convert....actually mine are Coach (from Marshalls;). Fun post!
xx, H

Alice Warren said...

Great outfit inspiration. Always love the mix of high end with everyday wear.


Tamera Beardsley said...

Love this photoI I am working on styling an outfit with sneakers today … this pic is a great jump start!

Thank you again for hosting HIWM series … I so enjoy these styling challenges!


Deborah Montgomery said...

Such a fun look! To be honest, I feel dumpy in sneakers, so I am looking forward to seeing some inspiration!

Kelly Jackson said...

I love that scene too. I love her too and am def going to watch her new flic! She makes Hermes sporty - it's interesting.