Thursday, January 23, 2014

Butterflies and Lions at Valentino Couture Spring 2014

What a magnificent creation from Valentino!

I never thought I’d say this since I am such a fan of Chanel couture, but Valentino couture is now so good that that is the show I want to see, even above Chanel, every January and July. And I know I said it already, but I will say it again: Valentino couture just keeps getting better. They held their spring/summer 2014 show yesterday in Paris and it was divine.

I love this butterfly coat.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, co-head designers at Valentino, said they were inspired by the opera this season and “wanted to describe the character of each [opera’s] protagonist in a primordial way.” The show made references to La Traviata, Carmen, and La Bohème. I cannot get over the gorgeous lace dresses, the embroidery and appliqué, the butterflies, and the lions! I am a Leo so I am definitely partial to big cats and these, splashed on the front of the dresses, and the backs of coats, are unexpected, wild and beautiful. Even the simple dresses, with no embellishment at all, have a heart-stopping drape and elegance to them. Can you imagine how comfortable they must be?

Here are a few of my favorites, but if you have five minutes, stop by and have a look at photos from the whole show. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

I love this lion dress!

This is an amazing ensemble.

Look at these butterflies!

Love love love.

Will we see this dress at the Oscars in March?

I love the colors of this dress and the floral appliqués over lace. 

So simple, so beautiful. I can imagine wearing this!

Another gorgeous lace dress from Valentino.

I adore the color of this dress, its lightness, and its beaded collar.

Maria and Pierpaolo, co-head designers at Valentino.

All photos by Yannis Vlamos/


Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I'm confused and a lot intimidated by so many of the ideas and silhouettes that have been shown for the coming spring. But you are quite right, these dresses are enchanting. My heart belongs to the floral applique over lace (photo number 8). So lovely. Thanks for the peep, Jill!

Linda said...

Oh my, these are just gorgeous!! Especially love the white lace over nude and the appliqued flowers over lace...such beautiful design talent and fabric workmanship. Thanks for reminding us that Valentino still knocks it out of the park!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Valentino's creations are spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Just. Too. Beautiful! I have to look at the photos many times over to digest all the loveliness. The duo are amazing!

Dawn Lucy said...

These are works of art! Gorgeous!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Those lace dresses are so beautiful and that lion dress is just amazing. Really works of art.


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