Monday, November 18, 2013

Bob Hall of Fame

Donna Tartt in her signature bob and menswear-inspired clothes.

When I went to the Donna Tartt reading late last month, to hear her read from her latest novel, The Goldfinch, I was reminded of how much I love her hair. She usually wears it in a trim bob which suits both her frame—she is quite petite—as well as her sartorial style, firmly rooted in menswear-inspired pieces. The night she read at Beth Elohim in Brooklyn she wore a black velvet jacket, a white blouse, black trousers and shiny black shoes. She looked amazing.

Donna’s hair is definitely in my Bob Hall of Fame and of course I have a few other ladies I would add to this list! What I love about the bob is that you can take it either way—play up its severity by wearing borrowed-from-the-boys clothes, as Donna does, or use its sleekness to highlight your femininity.

I do let my hair grow out but I always come back to the bob. Every time my glamorous Ukrainian hairstylist hands me the mirror so she can show me the back of my hair that she just perfectly cut, I always tell her, “I feel like myself again.”

Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago. I know it’s a wig but God do I love this bob.

Here are a few other babes I would place in my Bob Hall of Fame. Sometimes, like the ultra-sexy Catherine Zeta Jones as Velma Kelly in Chicago, above, they have a bob for a movie role, or a photo shoot, while others claim the bob as their signature style. Every one of these babes in bobs have reminded me why this cut is, for me, the ne plus ultra of hair.

I love this picture of a smiling Louise Brooks, bob mother of us all. Photo from Doctor Macro.

You knew Anna Wintour would be on this list. Hers is my hair ideal!

Kate Hudson in Le Divorce. Another wig but I love this longer bob on her. Do not get me started on the Kelly.

I am a big fan of Linda Fargo’s silver bob. Please God, give me this hair when I go gray.

Natalie Portman in a photo by Mario Testino for Vogue, 2004. Love love love this look on her.

Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary. I loved her messy bob in this film.

Linda Evangelista always looked great in a bob. And I loved her as a redhead!

Madonna in 2006. She needs to stick with a choppy bob like this one. It suits her!

The hair! The makeup! The sequins! Smokin’ hot! Did Katie Holmes ever look better?

I am NOT including myself in the Bob Hall of Fame, but when my bob goes right it looks like this:

For “How I Wear My: Black & White” in January my hair cooperated for once!

Would you add to this list of bobs? If so, do tell me who wore it and what you loved about it! Do you favor one particular hairstyle that you always return to?


denton said...

well, a lot of beautiful women there for sure.

Liz said...

I love the Catherine Zeta Jones bob. In fact I loved absolutely everything about her wardrobe and appearance in Chicago! I think your bob looks stunning too in your photo xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I have to say your bob suits you to a tee. I can see why you keep going back to it.

That photo of Natalie Portman is stunning.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful women with the most stunning features can pull off a bob. Thanks for featuring these gorgeous women who show it off so well!

Jill - Your bob is fantastic!

Heather Lindstrom said...

Hi Jill! I think most bobs are very chic and yours is most definitely among that group. I'm seeing many of us going shorter this season. It feels fresh and lighter. I've lopped several inches off myself.
Would love to meet you at a blogger meet up sometime.
xx, Heather

Anonymous said...

you look stunning as always Jill, Me I've been sporting a very short bob since I turned 30..makes me feel more sophisticated.
This summer I moved from Italy to the Netherlands...and amazingly here alomost no one has a bob..only older women...

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love your bob hall of fame, Jill! Wouldn't it be fun to have the money and courage to experiment colors looks so much fun!

Beautifulosophy said...

I wish I could pull off a bob since it's a classic style! I totally agree with you regarding the Grace movie, the postponement was very interesting...xo Caroline

Adrienne Shubin said...

You are definitely in my Bob Hall of Fame! I love your hair cut. Totally suits your facial structure.
I had a bob in high school, briefly. It wasn't very cute on me. I think maybe my face is too long for one.
Great post, Jill!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I think you got the Zeta-Jones bob down pat! And you look perfect in it. Suits you! I've only had mine bobbed the last couple of months after my longer locks had an unfortunate encounter with a lit candle at our restaurant! Not sure I love it yet, but am learning.

I'm a fan of the Karlie Kloss wavy do that caused such a stir a year or so ago. I love Katie Holmes version shown here by you. But I have to admit, my first thought when considering remedial bob-measures was "Please don't let it look like Anna Wintour's!"

What I want to know is what is the difference between a modern bob and a Mom-bob? Anyone know?

Paula said...

Yes. yes. Yes. Hair.
And Bob.
I like this posting!

In the past I took not just 1 of the photos pictured above to the hairsalon. :-D
Cameron-short-hair-bob is one of the top-google-ranks which leads people who search for that hairstyle to my blog.
So many people share a certain interest in this hairstyle. Nice to know, no?

My hairjourney led from bra-strap-length to bob, continued to an almost-pixie-shortness and now I am on my way back to chin-length. The bob is THE most classy and classic style I know. The phase before isn't bad either - a bit of hair madness suits any women any age! (I am NOT referring to YOU. hehe)
Now that you show us so many cute bangs I am not sure if I should burden myself with the patience to get the front parts to chin length (the most difficult part!) but chop them and go for bob-with-bangs. This decision might save me 6 months at least!

Jill said...

Thanks for all the great comments everybody.

Jan, you were definitely cracking me up, you don't like Anna's bob? Is it too perfect? Or maybe it's the part down the middle? My own two cents on Modern Bob vs. Mom Bob would be that the Modern Bob is often shorter in the back, sometimes even stacked, and then gets longer as you get closer to the sides of the face. Katie Holmes version above seems like a very Modern Bob to me. I would think a Mom Bob would be very even all the way around. That can be tricky because it doesn't look too swingy or fun, just uptight. Ha. If anybody else knows the distinction between the two, please add more comments below! XO, Jill

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Re: Anna Wintour's Bob ...
(I'm so happy to know you had a laugh. That's always part of my bloggy M.O.)
Anna's bob, to me, always looks like it's sitting atop her head ... not quite growing from it. Wig-like. It reminds me of the way Egyptian hieroglyphs represent the Cleopatra-Bob. No movement seems possible.
It may be that her hair is quite thick, or how the cut suits her face. When it's a bit shorter and A-lined, I like it better on her.
And her part is SO straight, and the bangs SO perfect ... rigid!

Bobs have way more variety than I ever thought possible, as you show here!

I asked a stylist I know (but she doesn't do my hair ... hmmm ...) about the Mom-Bob thing. She said she was "feeling" the even length bob. More modern, she said, than the extreme A, like Victoria Beckham's bob a few years ago. The stylist is here in Arkansas, remember, so a grain of salt is required.

I've come to the conclusion that the coolness of the bob has much more to do with the confidence with which a woman wears it than any other factor.

That makes your bob very cool, in my estimation!

Thanks for helping me figure out the answer to my burning question!

Jill said...

Oh Jan, you are cracking me up even more! Yeah, I know what you mean re Anna's bob, it does have that tendency to look like it doesn't move. But I am drawn to it anyway, I can't help it, I think it's because it's perfect! I usually want my hairstylist to cut my bob fairly even but she leaves it a very tiny bit longer in the front. And speaking of Victoria Beckham's bob, I looked for pictures of it but I didn't like it so much, and I thought she looked terrible as a blonde, so I understand how your hairstylist friend felt about that bob too! XO, Jill

GSL said...

This is a FAB post!!! Thanks goodness you linked back or I might have missed!

Jill said...

Hiya GSL, I just saw your comment. I think I may need to add Helen Mirren to my Bob Hall of Fame, based on that saucy bob of hers she wore to the Golden Globes on Sunday. Hair perfection! xx

No Fear of Fashion said...

Hahaha, that would be funny, if you included me in this Bob Hall of Fame!
Me! Moi!.. My hair is my Achilles'heel. It is thin and there is not a lot of it. Furthermore, the only thing it wants to do, is going straight down as quickly as possible. Therefore such a compliment from you... I am thrilled and giggling. I will pass this on to my very skilled hairdresser. She costs me a fortune every 6 weeks, but apparently she is worth it haha.

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