Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shopping Sins

I wanted to give you an update on my 2013 Shopping Ban while I save for something big.

Well dear readers, I am both weak and strong. Weak because yes I have caved and bought two things. Strong because I have resisted plenty of other things!

I got the leopard clutch from the fabulous Sheree at It’s Not That Deep, one of my favorite style blogs. She has a shop where you can buy some of the pieces she’s featured in her posts. The prices and selection are wonderful! I got this for $10. How could I say no?

Leopard print clutch and butter London nail polish in Queen Vic.

The nail polish is by butter LONDON, a brand I have been meaning to try for awhile. God knows I don’t need another bottle of nail polish, but I wanted to add a deep pink to my collection and this shade, Queen Vic, fits the bill perfectly. The formula is great, it goes on wonderfully, and has lasted awhile on my nails.

Here are two things I did say no to.

I tried on this Tory Burch top in December when I was working at Bloomingdale’s. I think it would be great for spring. If it goes on sale this might find a home with me.

This is a linen tee. Anybody have tips on cleaning linen?

Ooh La La! flats by Charlotte Olympia. These are linen too. What is it with me and linen lately?

I love these Ooh La La! flats by Charlotte Olympia, but they are so expensive. I won’t buy them but let me dream dear readers, let me dream!

I die of love whenever I see this shoe. Ooh La La is right!

Have you been buying lately? Or resisting? Or both?


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Now I am dreaming about the shoes...oh my, lack of funds is such a pesky problem. Your clutch for ten...worth it!! have a great weekend ahead Jill!

Lisa said...

Hi Jill.

Oh have burned the image of those marvelous shoes in my head too...and I'm sure other's too. They are simply divine and very special.

I'm on a shopping ban too...but I could be doing better with it. I'm not doing BAD with it; but still need to reign things in a bit.

How is your son's dancing going? My son just started too!

The Silver Bunny said...

I think you've been extremely good ! Those linen shoes look great but I've had some before and found that once they're a bit dirty, you can never get them really clean again. I machine wash my linen tops and iron them while they're still wet. I have been quite reasonable too, only caving in for Marks and Spencer tights and "Ballet slippers" by Essie. I am so proud !... Now if I could only stop ordering expensive takeaways to be delivered ...!!xo

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Great clutch and polish!! I love looking at other bloggers shop their closet stuff!! Plus, buying second-hand from an individual doesn't seem that bad to me lolzzz Linen is hard to keep clean for me because I'm such a mess-- sorry no tips!
Becky :)

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

The polish is a great color. And those shoes? Amazing. Now I want them too!

Veshoevius said...

I can relate Jill! Been trying to resist buying anything this last month or so but bought anyway - but it has been a lot less then I usually spend - a rare triumph for me. Will be trying to keep it up. If it is any consolation I think the odd small inexpensive treat can keep the morale up in the face of flagging willpower and prevent more regrettably larger purchases!

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices, dear Jill! The bag is lovely and the colour would look great on my nails, too! ;-)
have a very HAPPY weekend! :-)

Miss I ♥ Illustration said...

Lovely lovely lovely shoes !!!
:) Wish I had them too !!


Adrienne Shubin said...

So funny! I looked at that bag on Sheree's blog and was bummed that it was already sold. But now I am happy because one of my favorite people bought it!
Love the polish with the leopard!
Those shoes are darling! But they would get so dirty so fast, I would be afraid to wear them outside.
xoxo, A

Anonymous said...

Your clutch is wonderful and the price even better! I've been resisting so much, more than I've ever done in recent times but caved in with shoes, I realised I have a shortage of low heels and flats - they don't come by easily in my size.

Anonymous said...

To resist these shoes, you are very strong, dear Jill. They are adorable and irresistible.I wonder how long you will resist though ;-) It's torture...
Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

Paula Ruta said...

Hi Jill!
I havent felt like buying because I am sick of winter. And I dont like to buy until I really figure out what I need for summer.
Love those shoes~

Chicatanyage said...

I love the shoes however they are pricey and the colour may not be too practical for the less than clean London streets.

jill815 said...

Thank you ladies for all your comments. I am glad to learn about linen care (Thank you Silver Bunny!), and I'm also glad the fever has passed with those shoes--not that I was going to buy them, but after reading the comments here, I have come to my senses. White linen? NYC sidewalks? Have I lost my mind? It's interesting to read I am not the only person trying to reign in spending! XO, Jill