Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Luxuries: Lady M Mille Crêpes

I had to try the Mille Crêpes by Lady M, a cake boutique in Manhattan with definite French flair, after learning about it on Keep It Chic, one of my favorite blogs. Read the description and tell me if you could resist:

Lady M’s signature cake, no less than 20 thin, hand-made crepes layered with an ethereally light and creamy custard.

I was so there.

I ordered the 6-inch cake for $40 and packed up my girl for a trip to E. 78th Street. In an all white chic little shop there are the most glorious cakes under glass for you to either buy whole or simply a slice of.

The Mille Crêpes did not disappoint. The crêpes were so very thin and between every single one of them (more than 20, I counted!) was the custard, which was creamy and vanilla-y and divine. My husband thought the dessert reminded him of an éclair but I didn’t agree. I didn’t know what to liken it to, it was that unusual.

If you’d like to try this piece of heaven yourself, Lady M will FedEx this cake to you. Can you believe it? If you are looking for a dessert to knock the socks off your guests at your next dinner party, this is what you should get!

Look at those layers! Look at that custard! And it really is so very light and wonderful.



Anonymous said...

How amazing and fabulous! I either must get this FedExed to me--or I must try it at home. Scrumptious!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I so do not need to see this...I am attempting to resist all good food...that's a joke..but I love food like this and I just have to stay away for now...so sad!

Linda said...

OMG, that looks divine!! I would love to try a piece--hmmmm, maybe a trip north should be considered....although a FedEx delivery would probably be cheaper (but not as much fun).
Love to you, Mom

Lisa said...

This dessert looks absolutely divine!!! It is making me very hungry and I love the idea of having it delivered for a special dinner or party. The box is so pretty too. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

How delicious this looks. FedEx, huh?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope we cand enjoy them together in autumn, dear Jill.

jill815 said...

Ladies, I so wish we could all go to Lady M together. It's kind of a tiny boutique so we'd take over the place. What a treat that would be! XO, Jill

Paula said...

I won't make it to Lady M but this cake looks seriously delicious!

TRAN Thu Hang said...

Look so yummyyyyy!!!!