Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rachel Zoe, Sequins & Chanel

Rachel, Rodger, and baby Skyler (in Missoni!). Photo from Bravotv.com.

This is your friendly reminder that Season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project starts tonight on Bravo TV at 10/9c. I don't have cable so will be waiting for the entire season to come out on DVD, or watching episodes on Bravo's website if they post them. As a lovely consolation prize for missing the return of Rachel's show, tonight I'm going to a cocktail party at the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan, in honor of the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference on September 7. Sort of the pre-party. I can't wait!

I haven't worked out all the details yet but for this cocktail party I'm taking a page from Rachel's playbook and breaking out the sequins and the Chanel. I know Rachel would approve!

Blue sequin tank by Apt. 9, from Kohl's, and vintage Chanel bag.

In a lucky twist, the fabulous Bella of the Citizen Rosebud, who lives in Sacramento, CA, is staying, of all the places she could stay in NYC, around the corner from me in Brooklyn. I'm excited to meet her for the first time and ride the F train with her into the city to get to the party!


sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jill, you are going to meet my dear Bella, and many other of my favourite bloggers.
Please, please kiss them from me too.
So jealous, in a very glad way.
I love you.

jill815 said...

Hi Sacramento, I'm so excited to meet all these ladies whose blogs inspire me every day. I hope I get a chance to meet you someday as well!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I so wish I could be there..it would be so much fun! New York and great company...sigh..I wish I could go. I have never watched this show, but I might set my DVR for it tonight and check it out! Please bring us pictures and all the highlights from the IFB event! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous--the two of you will have so much fun and I can hardly wait to hear your report!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers - in real life, out in the wild, what a concept:) Im sure Bella Q is exactly what we think she is, whip smart and a blast to hang with. Have fun ladies.

jill815 said...

Hi Pam, Terri and Doreen, I feel I had my own private IFB Con with Bella, just taking the train into the city with her. She is an amazing person, so warm-hearted and fun. I wish she lived in Brooklyn so I could see her all the time.

Anonymous said...

I wish any of you all lived up here in the great white soon to be frozen north. I've never met a real live blogger before. For all I know this is all just a figment of my crazy middle aged mind.

Hope you are having a blast.

jill815 said...

Hi again Doreen! Where do you live? If you ever get to NYC, please let me know, I will meet you in the city and we can go do some fun fashion thing.

triskelos said...

I need to watch this as soon as possible))
Love your top, by the way - such a beautiful color <3

jill815 said...

Hi Marina, thanks for the compliment, I really like that sequined tank. I'm wearing it again to another cocktail party I'm attending. I never get tired of sequins! Either does Rachel Zoe apparently, I just watched the Proenza Schouler spring/summer 2012 and I spotted her in the audience, wearing a black sequined jacket.


Rachel Zoe is in Spain. First season, wow she has a baby, now???