Friday, November 5, 2010


I normally hate most pictures of myself but these shots from Halloween aren't repulsing me, because I am hidden under my pink wig, witch hat and a ton of eye makeup. Here, too, is the luxurious velvet coat my husband's grandmother gave me a long time ago. At this point it is one of the fanciest garments I own, although I hope to keep adding to my fashion collection.

This is so Brooklyn with the chipped paint on the shuttered storefront.

With my son, the pirate. Where I live in Brooklyn the kids trick-or-treat on Seventh Avenue, where the shop owners give out candy. There is not as much of the traditional house-to-house trick-or-treating you find in the rest of the country. I saw some of my neighbors on the block had left bowls of candy out on their stoops for the kids to select as they walked by. I did the same and it worked like a charm. Bye-bye candy!

With my son the pirate, and my daughter Thomas the Tank Engine.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now let's get busy with those turkeys...


Cloud of Secrets said...

That coat is magnificent. I'll bet the vintage velvet and lining feel wonnnderful, so much nicer than many modern velvet attempts.

You have such a striking face and nice figure...stop hating photos of yourself, play, experiment, try effects at Picnik or the like (you know, in all your spare time when the kids are quiet)...I want to see more. ;-)

jill815 said...

Sarah, you are so nice, I wish you lived down the street so we could hang out. I like Veshoevius's approach, outfit shots from the neck down!