Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keep or Return?

I bought these black leather ankle boots by Nine West at DSW after pretty much hating all the other styles on sale. Most of the heels on the boots were well over three inches, which I simply cannot do, mainly because of walking long stretches in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but also because I am 5'9 and while being six feet tall is fun for me (Hello, shorties!), anything over that causes me to feel like a giantess freak.

So I bought these boots because they were comfortable and I could walk in them (the heel height is just under three inches) and I thought they would look good for date night, or any other night, for that matter.


Now the toes seem too square and I'm wondering if I should return these and keep looking because I guess I am really wanting round-toed boots. But which, round-toed ankle and flat heel? Round-toed ankle, with high heel? Lace up? Riding boots? Over the knee? All of which were available at DSW at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. It boggled my mind how many boots they had, row after row of them.

Unfortunately, the boots I feel deeply in love with weren't at DSW at all but in a magazine. They are by Aquatalia by Marvin K. and cost $495, but I wasn't planning on having any shopping accidents this year in the three-figure range.

But oh, they are pretty. Mama like. Maybe they will go on sale.


Adam said...

Keep or Return?
2 cents from California says are you in love with your new boots and can you not wait to wear them? Being a shoeaholic, my litmus test to keep or return is whether or not I just can't wait to wear them. If there's doubt, I just return because something more fabulous might come to my attention next week and I don't want to have spent my shoe money on a pair I'm not crazy about.

So what did you decide? Keep or return? I just went with an over the knee round toed 3" heel and a heeled riding boot. I can't wait to wear both, but still too warm here for boots.
Andrea from California

jill815 said...

Good shoe-buying advice! And they ended up being more comfortable than expected when I was running around midtown for Fashion's Night Out! But now I also want wedge boots, which I thought I didn't like but can't stop thinking about. It never ends...