Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Greige Rage

One of my favorite things to watch in magazines are color trends, which I then look for months later as they translate into nail polish colors. This color by Revlon, Gray Suede, was one I saw featured in W magazine this summer, with other brands in similar shades, and when I spotted it at the CVS yesterday I had to give it a try. This has a bit of shimmer in it and the greige seems completely on trend this fall with the focus on neutrals in camel and gray. I don't know if I'm loving it, at first glance I think, Oh no, not my shade, give me something dark and dramatic, but maybe it'll grow on me. At $5.49 however, I can't work up the guilt if I never wear this one again.

The Revlon bottle was photographed in front of the detritus of my dresser. You might be able to make out the flyer in the background that says, "Let's Try Harder Than T-Shirts," which is from Piperlime, the online shoe store. It's a good reminder though it often does not work on me.

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