Saturday, September 25, 2010

Can we talk about this Vivienne Westwood dress for a moment?

I first saw this dress on the Coco's Tea Party blog and then I went to investigate further on I love everything about this dress--the asymmetrical skirt, the swirled-flower print in black, navy and hot pink (three of my favorite colors), how you could style it sweet or edgy depending on the accessories. It is by Vivienne Westwood, the English designer, and it is divine. The only thing I do not love about it is the price tag, which is $750. If for any reason it goes on sale (steep sale!), there could be an accident.

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Jenny said...

OMG! I absolutly LOVE this dress!!! It`s retro, it`s modern, it`s black, it`s pink, it`s fun, it`s classic - only Vivienne Westwood can combine all these opposites!

You should get it if you can get the money together somehow.