Thursday, August 12, 2010

The New Talbots?

I just found this amazing photo of Linda Evangelista (whom I have loved since the 90's) on Bryanboy's blog (you can link to him under 'Blogs I Like'). I am blown away by how gorgeous Linda looks and that great leopard coat! I am also fascinated that Talbots seems to be going the way of J. Crew with a complete rethink of their designs and who they want their customer to be. I may have to visit Talbots very soon to see what else they've got going on and I would LOVE to hear from the person I know who works for Talbots to learn of what's happening behind the scenes.

The bottom tagline reads, "We believe in tradition transformed." Interesting. I will be watching to see what they do next.

What do you think of Linda's smokin' hot look?

1 comment:

Metsy said...

This ad completely wow-ed me. I love that coat... need to see if it comes in my size. Love me some leopard! :)