Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silly Bandz Update

I've read a little about the guy who started Silly Bandz (note the 'z'), Robert Croak. In 2007 he was at a trade show in China when he saw stretchy animal shapes, which sold in Japan as rubber bands. He thought they'd make good kid accessories if they were bigger and more durable. He launched the Silly Bandz website in 2008 and they were first popular in Tennessee, Florida, New Jersey and Connecticut. Now they have spread to New York City, like a plague. I understand that a lot of their appeal for children comes in trading them with each other. Here are two shapes my son traded two of his for--a trumpet and a caterpillar. The friend who has the Statue of Liberty shape told my son he would never trade it. Hey, smart kid! And my boy feels the same way about the trumpet. He seems to be already done with the Silly Bandz craze, though. In less than a week! Sounds like the definition of a fashion trend to me.

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