Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiddie Fashion Trend Alert!

About a week ago my son told me he had to have some Silly Bands. I had no idea what he was talking about. Colorful rubber bracelets, he explained. All the kids in his second grade class were wearing them, boys and girls. I got a chance to see them up close when we ran into one of my son's friends in the park. This boy wore Silly Bands and showed them to me. They looked like a collection of squiggly shaped bands around his wrist, not unlike a stack of hair rubber bands. My son insisted he have Silly Bands of his own, so my husband bought packs for him and our daughter, $1.99 each, about 12 bands per pack. They are in the shapes of animals and sports symbols, but apparently there are a ton of other shapes out there, including, my son reports, one in the shape of a dollar sign and another in the shape of the Statue of Liberty, both of which seem like covetable shapes for city kids, but maybe that's just me. They look like rubber bands on the wrist, but upon removal, they retain their shapes. Both my kids love them, wear them in stacks, and when I was on both the subway and the street in Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend, I saw them on little kids everywhere.

How do these kid fashion trends (or any other trends, really) start? I would love to hear from people in other parts of the country, to know if these Silly Bands are big with the elementary school set everywhere, or if it's just a New York thing.

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