Friday, April 2, 2010

Hubba hubba

Courtesy of Prada and French Vogue, the February 2010 cover, this is what I want to wear all summer. Wouldn’t it be a hit on the playground in my current life down in the mommy trenches, other mothers shunning me (while checking me out from behind their sunglasses)? It would also leave behind conversation-worthy tan lines. And it would be fun to answer the door for the UPS man wearing this. I imagine the expression on his face would almost be as good as the time I answered while breast-feeding my infant daughter—the sheepishness, the stammering, the looking away. I had the same reaction from men (and women) on the F train, but with more of a vibe of Cover yourself, whore! But I digress. If anyone wants to go to Prada with me so we can check this number out, let me know.

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dewi67 said...

Yes, summer foot-wear is here too. Today, I was witnessed to a couple of way ugly editorial type gladiator, 4 inch + wedge heels wobbling on the F train. Maybe I'm too old but I can't do it this year, well maybe not yet, I AM a celebrity.
BTW, I think I can make that dress for you ;) but let's go to Prada anyway.