Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fashion Walk of Fame: Oscar de la Renta

On Saturday I checked out the Fashion Walk of Fame on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, between 35th and 41st Streets. The walk consists of 24 plaques on the east side of Seventh Avenue recognizing the work of 24 designers, some currently very famous, such as Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, some I've never heard of but hope to learn more about and share with you soon, such as Lilly Dache (a milliner) and Stephen Burrows (the first African-American designer to receive international acclaim). There were two more designers recognized in 2008, Diane von Furstenberg and Liz Claiborne, but I couldn't find their plaques anywhere. Here is the plaque for one designer I love, Oscar de la Renta. It looked like someone dropped an entire cup of coffee on it and just kept walking. Aren't there any design students from Parsons, just down the street, who also love Oscar and could swing by and keep his plaque clean in between classes? Like those fans of certain stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame who keep their icon's star spic and span. Marilyn Monroe comes to mind, when I saw her star it was spotless and had a little votive burning next to it too. If I'd had anything with me I would've cleaned Oscar's plaque myself and then scattered it with red rose petals. There was a planter close to his plaque filled with bright pink tulips, their vibrant color and beauty the very essence of Oscar's designs.

His plaque reads:

Born in the Dominican Republic, de la Renta came to New York in the 1960's and soon became known for the charm of his designs. His work balances the seemingly disparate qualities of sexiness and elegance. He deftly combines body fitting silhouettes and the exposure of just enough skin, with multi-colored tiers of ruffles and embroideries that ornament blouses and full skirts. His vivacious fashions blend the best of Latin elegance and American ease.

Photo by Marcio Madeira.

The dress shown here is from Mr. de la Renta's Fall 2010 collection.

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