Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Anna

When I saw The September Issue last September it was interesting to me that Grace Coddington, Creative Director of Vogue, dressed not unlike how I dress in my day-to-day life as a stay-at-home mom--slightly wrinkly, plenty of black, flat shoes. Actually I sort of love her for dressing like this, meanwhile she's surrounded by the most beautiful clothes on the planet. Then, of course, was Anna Wintour, who looked wonderful in every scene, just as the head of the top fashion magazine in the world should. I loved her print dresses and Chanel suits, but I went especially crazy for her necklaces--approximately 16 or 17 inches long, with big gemstones of graduated sizes all the way around. She had them in amethyst, topaz and aquamarine and she wore them with everything. They seemed as part of her look as the bob and black sunglasses she's famous for. I started looking for something similar and I must not have been the only one thinking of them because J. Crew put out something pretty close in February, called the crystal colletto necklace, in pale lilac, a diamond color, and the one I bought, heather petrol, which can look slightly green-gray or topaz depending on what I wear it with, which is why I chose it. If you like this necklace too it is now on sale at for $69.99. I really love mine and think of it as The Anna. I sometimes don it, along with my long blue-striped apron, when I'm dishing up kid dinner at 5:30 every night, to remind myself that just because I am with children much of the time doesn't mean I have to dress like a slob, even though it's comfortable and God knows it's easier. It never hurts to channel a little of Anna's glamour, even if it's only in the form of a glittery necklace on top of a food-splattered apron and wrecked jeans.


dewi67 said...

I like it. I can make you one, if you come to the Hill. I think I will blog tonight while I drink my glass of wine. Hope you like your Don Draper episode tonight.

Linda said...

I want that necklace too, maybe if I come to the Hill I can get one from dewi67!! Next week?

Gamer said...

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