Friday, March 26, 2010

Flat Maddie and CHANEL on the Bridge

I was on the Brooklyn Bridge Sunday morning with my son, walking from Brooklyn to Manhattan to snap pictures of the "Flat Maddie" my little niece in pre-k sent me. I couldn't help noticing what tourists and New Yorkers alike were wearing on the bridge--lots of scarves, all colors, all sizes. I was surprised by how many Chanel bags I saw on the ladies, mostly black quilted flap purses, the classic 2.55. My favorite was a hot pink quilted satin with a silver chain handle. Since, Dear Reader (Hi Mom!), I was faithful to my assignment of photographing the adventures of Flat Maddie, I did not take any pictures of the bags I saw. I will, however, share with you my own Chanel (which is too small to carry all the stuff I had with me that day but definitely needs a trip outside of the house sometime soon), and a picture of Flat Maddie having a great time on the bridge.


dewi67 said...

We should make Flat Maddie a Chanel bag to carry!

Linda said...

This is great!! I have Flat Maddie now, but I don't think I can top a picture of her at the Brooklyn Bridge, geez...I agree with above comment, she needs a Chanel bag of her own!